When Alyssa registered her children at Encompass more than three years ago, she did not realize she was getting more than affordable child care.
“I was a single mom of three and really struggling. When we started here, I filled out a needs assessment form and was told I qualified for their Family Advocate program. The program has made such a difference in my life,” says Alyssa, who works full-time at Forward Service Corp.
Family Advocate Annika Osell says the needs assessment form helps all families identify any areas where they might need assistance, whether it is support with navigating moments of crisis or building the skills they need to meet their familial and personal needs. After parents fill out the form, they may receive a referral if they qualify, and she meets with them to determine their needs.
“Families may also begin working with me at any time if they have an unmet need or a crisis, as long as they express a willingness to meet and work together,” Annika says.
The Family Advocate program is one way Encompass helps ensure all families have affordable access to quality care and the help they need — one of the key initiatives of the For the Children Campaign.
When enrolling her three boys — now ages 13, 6, and 5 — Alyssa says she did not know about  Encompass’ Family Advocate program. “There are so many resources I’ve tapped into, including free diapers and the backpack program,” she says.
Alyssa says working with Annika has helped her “keep on top of stuff. I was connected with different resources along the way, such as programs and resources that I didn’t know existed.”
While Alyssa appreciates the extra assistance, she says the best part about Encompass is that her children enjoy being there. “They love it here,” she says.