The Foster Grandparent Program joins together two generations- seniors and children. The program enhances the quality of life for seniors and gives them a sense of purpose. The Foster Grandparent’s presence in the classroom gives parents and children an extra sense of security. The children have a consistent grandparent figure who mentors and encourages them in social play and classroom activities. Foster Grandparents are assigned to one of the seven Encompass centers and volunteer a minimum of 5 hours per week. What a win-win-win situation for Encompass, the children and seniors!

Requirements to become a Foster Grandparent:
Be age 55 or older.
Must meet the limited income guidelines.
Enjoy working with children and following a lead of a teacher.
Agree to have a State and FBI background check.

Benefits of becoming a Foster Grandparent:
Receive a small, tax-free stipend.
Receive a transportation allowance.
Receive annual paid leave.
Receive lots of love from children.
Socially active with others.
Receive and share information monthly with other seniors.

Some of a Foster Grandparent's responsibilities might include working with children who need extra attention, rocking infants, reading to toddlers, assisting at mealtimes, accompanying children on walks and field trips, if able, and being an all-around grandparent role model.

The Foster Grandparent Program is a component of AmeriCorps Seniors governed by the Corporation for National Service and funded by federal and state dollars.
For more information, please call Deb Johnson at (920) 785-9710 or email